Summary of the seventh ExCo meeting

4 November 2015

The seventh meeting of the ECPGR Executive Committee (ExCo) was held 28-30 October 2015 at Bioversity International, Maccarese, Rome (Italy). 

A summary of the main points of discussion and decisions is given below.

Selection of successful Grant Scheme proposals
The ExCo approved for funding three proposals for Activities that were submitted under the Second Call of the Grant Scheme. These involve the Working Groups on Documentation and Information, Vitis and Wild Species Conservation in Genetic Reserves. Three additional proposals, submitted by the Barley, Forages and Prunus Working Groups will have to be revised and resubmitted.  

Next call for proposals under the Grant Scheme
The Third Call for proposals under the ECPGR Grant Scheme will be launched in January 2016, with deadline 15 April 2016.

Financial situation of ECPGR
Phase IX contributions were received from 33 countries, totaling € 859 250. Outstanding contributions amounted to € 186 000. The financial balance of ECPGR at the end of 2015 was estimated to be positive, with cash availability of approximately € 209 000.  

On-farm concept
A revised draft of the ECPGR Concept for on-farm conservation and management of PGRFA diversity in Europe had been submitted at the beginning of October 2015 by the appointed Task Force. The ExCo was in agreement that the document was not suitable for circulation to the SC for approval, owing to its length and structure. The concept was however welcomed as a background paper that the Secretariat will use to develop a more concise document with better focus on the ECPGR potential activities.

Mid-term Steering Committee meeting
The Mid-term Steering Committee meeting, to be held in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, will take place on dates to be confirmed, between 16 May and 3 June 2016. The agenda will include the announcement of selected Activity proposals under the Third Call of the Grant Scheme, an evaluation of the first part of Phase IX, priority and budgetary perspectives for Phase X, procedures for hosting arrangements of the Secretariat and an information item regarding the implementation of the Nagoya protocol vis-à-vis the Multilateral System. It was suggested to invite representatives from the European Commission, the International Treaty and Botanic Garden Conservation International.

Composition of the EURISCO Advisory Group
A list of members proposed by the Chair of the Doc&Info Working Group was discussed. A few changes in the list were requested, including a better representation of data providers and data users.

Composition of the ExCo
Zofia Bulińska will leave the ExCo at the end of 2015 after having completed her term. A representative from the West region (in a broad sense) will need to be co-opted as new member. Possible candidates were proposed and will be approached shortly.