The Sixth Call of the ECPGR Activity Grant Scheme was launched 24 November 2017 with deadline 31 March 2018. A total of 5 proposals were submitted. The ECPGR Executive Committee (ExCo) selected for funding 3 proposals (see below the Table of successful proposals).

  AcronymWorking Group(s)Activity CoordinatorDate of approvalProposalBudget EuroBudget tableLetters of award
1 ImprovLoliumColForages/Doc&InfoJean-Paul Sampoux28 May 2018Activity Proposal (835,4 KB)€15000PDF (189,5 KB)PDF (74,3 KB)
2 EUGrainLeg*Grain LegumesCreola Brezeanu28 May 2018Revised proposal (158,1 KB)€15000PDF (85,0 KB)PDF (144,3 KB)
3 Training in Triticum species*WheatPavol Hauptvogel28 May 2018

Activity Proposal (230,6 KB)

Revision and integration of the proposal (621,0 KB)

€14988PDF (195,8 KB)PDF (78,7 KB)

* The proposal was approved with a request by the ExCo for some adjustments as indicated in the Letter of Award.

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