Crop: Dacus carota L. (Carrot)

Borsi landrace is cultivated in the area of Bors (Bihar County, Western Romania) for many decades.

The seeds are sown in well prepared seed beds in March. Harvesting is done manually from June (for marketing) to the end September-mid- October (for storage+ winter marketing).

The carrots are big, 25-35 cm long and 5-8 cm of diameter at the top of the root. The yellow coloured roots, have a high neck and are ending in a pointy tip, resulting in a conical shape.

Cultivation System: organic/low-input conditions.

Geographical Information

Country: Hungary

Borsi carrot was traditionally cultivated by farmers of the village Bors (West Romania). This area, optimal for vegetable production, is flat, with sandy soil rich in organic matter and good availability of water (high ground water level) for irrigation. Nowadays it is cultivated by several farmers and hobby gardeners in Hungary as well, due to the activity of Magház. According to on-farm trials the landrace also grows well in the south-West of Hungary on loess soil.

Farmer(s) description:

Within the original cultivation area a few farms produce ‘Borsi’ carrot with a total cultivation area of less than 1 ha. Each farmer produces his seed, there is no information about seed exchange. Farmers/home gardeners of the Magház network save their own seeds as well and do exchange among each other.

Propagation system: Seed, cross-pollination

Multiplication procedures and consequences on landrace diversity:

In spring farmers select the ‘best’ 5-6 roots, (they select a range of colours to maintain heterogeneity within the landrace) which they replant for seed development. There is a proper distance (500-1000 m) kept from other carrot varieties in order to avoid contamination.

Management plan existence:

The landrace management relies completely on farming activities in the area. Currently, no technical or scientific support is given.

Added Values

Market - existing and novel:

The landrace is very popular on the local market.

Others (e.g. commercial/geographical brands or special traits):

‘Borsi’ is recognized on local markets for its taste and special colour.

Seeds available via Magház network.

Case study prepared by The Hungarian Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (ÖMKi), Hungary.