New AEGIS accessions from Slovenia

New AEGIS accessions added for the first time by Slovenia: 19 accessions (Phaseolus, Vitis, Lactuca)

Genetic Resources Issue 3

The third issue of the ECPGR managed journal Genetic Resources is now published

New AEGIS accessions from Italy

New AEGIS accessions added by Italy: 7521 grain legumes, wheat, barley and berries accessions

EVA Lettuce network identifies promising mildew resistant wild lettuce accessions

The ECPGR European Evaluation networks (EVA) generate interesting results as successful public-private partnerships

GenRes Bridge workshop on Phytosanitary barriers for genetic resources

The report of the workshop is now available online 

ECPGR Video: ‘Saving European plant and food diversity: together, we are stronger!’

A 4 min. ECPGR Video ‘Saving European plant and food diversity: together, we are stronger!’,  tells a story about apples diversity, with a happy…